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      scented purple and pink Sweetpeas with orange Iceland Poppies 



Peaonies arranged with pink Gladiolies and lime green Ladies Mantle


 White and pink Snapdragons mixed with purple Cup and Saucer Flowers, pink Hedysariums, black Scabious and lime green Euphorbias

 Bright pink Cosmos, dark red Sunflowers, black Dahlias, orange Tithonias, Saffron Thistles and lime green Alchemilla 


Generous bunch of old-fashioned Sweet Peas mixed with white Bishopsflowers - one vase will fill a room with its evocative scent - Good size arrangement for dinning table decoration.


 Sweetly scented white and orange Iceland Poppies with electric blue Cornflowers and acid green Dill


 Glorious old roses 'Rosa Mundi' with most wonderful scent mixed with brilliant blue Anchusa, white Bishopflowers and limegreen Euphorbias


Flamboyant and dramatic 'black' Dahlias, large pink Dahlias, orange Tithonias mixed with velvety crimson Snapdragons and apple green Alchemillas


Sweetly scented yellow and white Iceland Poppies with sky blue Cornflowers, limegreen Euphorbias and white Bishopflowers


 Velvety red Dahlias arranged with black Scabious, blue Veronicas and limegreen Dill flowers


Purple and pink Sweet Peas, 'black' Cornflowers mixed with pink Hedysariums and acid green Euphorbia