Garden  Flowers  from  Hampstead  

 I love flower arrangements of freshly cut, real Garden Flowers - they have a natural freshness and authenticity  - always missing in commercially grown  flowers.

  • Flowers from 'Cool Oak Lane' are locally grown in the open air and in organic soil.

Whether arranged as a beautiful simple posy in cottage garden style or a flamboyant, glamorous arrangement like a Baroque Dutch still-life -  the flowers will reflect the natural seasons and the idiosyncratic way they grow together in the garden.


  • We cut and condition flowers for each individual arrangement and then arrange them in a simple glass vase.
  • Your flowers will be delivered to you already beautifully arranged and all you have to do is choose the best place to put them!
  • Since our flowers are  cut only 24 hours before they are due to be delivered, they do not need to have the long shelf life and predictable uniformity of commercial flowers.
  • The impact on the environment is as low as if the arrangement came from your own garden -
  • You can have the luscious  luxury of real Garden flowers arrangements without the guilt about your carbon footprint!